Legend Runner 2020 – PAARL

Schools Challenge brought to you by POPLE Transport

We hereby invite all schools to take part in this LEGENDARY event.
Sunday: 3 October 2020  | 8km – Fun Obstacle Trail Run

Legend Runner 2020 - PAARL  sponsors each participating school with free entries for 3 boys and 3 girls to represent their school.

Pricing 8km:

Phase 1 Early Bird: R225.00 pp (SOLD OUT)

Phase 2 Early Bird: R275.00 pp valid until 3 FEB 2020 23h00

Phase 3 Early Bird: R300.00 pp valid until 1 APRIL 2020 23h00

Phase 4 Early Bird: R350.00 pp valid until 1 SEPT 2020 23h00

Full Price: R400.00 pp


Come out and make a statement with your school!
There are no limits on how many runners a school can enter, however participants MUST be between the ages of 12 -18 years old.

The first 3 boys or first 3 girls from the same school are the winners and they will win R5000-00 for each winning team (Boys & Girls) for their school.
(The first three of each gender to cross the finish line, irrespective of their individual finishing place.) NO second and third place prizes will be given.

Everyone is encouraged to dress-up in their school colours and have fun!

Email us at info@legendrunner.com for the bulk entry form which schools can use to enter their sponsored students (3x boys & 3x girls), please send this form back to us ASAP.

Please note: If the school only has students of one gender, they may only enter participants of that gender.